Saturday, July 17, 2010

Arriving In Boston

After checking into our hotel, my friends and I decided to head downtown. I decided to treat my friends to a ride on the "T". That stands for transit.

Facts on the "T": The MBTA remains the nation's 5th largest mass transit system. It maintains 183 bus routes, 2 of which are Bus Rapid Transit lines, 3 rapid transit lines, 5 streetcar (Central Subway/Green Line) routes, 4 trackless trolley lines and 13 commuter rail routes.

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  1. Go Forth, SLG, and be one with me. Give all those fabulous DEN folks a shout out for me, and for heaven's sake, don't let anyone get any ideas about bringing home a lobster to blog with...they um....would really smell after a while, where as we NEVER smell. Good luck and I'll be keeping up with you!